COM Research Advisory Committee (COM RAC)

  • COM RAC Bylaws


    The voting membership of the RAC shall be comprised of faculty members from the College of Medicine departments involved in research activities, with at most one representative per department. Department chairs, at their discretion, can decide if representation is unnecessary. All voting members shall be elected. Ad hoc, non-voting, members may be appointed by the dean, as deemed appropriate.The vice dean for research and graduate studies shall be an ex officio, non-voting member.
  • Terms of Office
  • Faculty members shall serve staggered three-year terms. A chair and vice chair shall be elected by the committee for one-year terms. Terms for new members, the chair and the vice chair shall begin Sept. 1 except under unusual circumstances.
  • Meetings

    Meetings shall be called by the chair or vice chair. Meetings will be by videoconference, and be held at least quarterly.
  • Functions

    The committee will advise the dean on all matters pertaining to research including:

    1) Policy and procedures

    2) Program development

    3) Resource allocation and budgeting, including IDC policy

    4) Review of proposals for requests for internal funding, and external submission-limited funding; and

    5) Fostering and review of research awards among the faculty

    The chair shall appoint task-oriented subcommittees as needed to address specific issues and/or ongoing research related functions. Subcommittees may be required to meet more frequently than the parent committee to accomplish their charge. Subcommittees shall report to the full committee at called meetings or as frequently as needed.

    Last Friday of the of each month

    Time: 2:30-4 p.m.

    Locations: MEC-213, VA-1R21, MREB-3010

  • Members
    Member Term  
    Dr. Rod Dashwood   IBT- ad hoc member
    Dr. David Dostal 09/14 08/17 IMED/CVRI
    Dr. Travis Hein 09/13 08/19 SURG-Vice-Chair
    Dr. Thomas Kuehl 09/15 08/18 OB/GYN
    Konstantina Kyritsi 09/16 08/17 Post-doc
    Dr. Amanda Mahnke 09/16 08/17 Post-doc
    Dr. Xu Peng 09/14 08/17 MPHY
    Dr. Samba Reddy 09/13 08/19 NeXT-Chair
    Jon Skare 04/18 08/19 MPIM
    Dr. David Threadgill 09/14 08/17 MCMC
    Dr. Van Wilson     VDRGS
    Dr. Keith Young 09/15 08/18 PYSCH

Facilities Planning Committee (FPC)

  • COM FPC Bylaws


    The FPC committee membership shall consist of the following voting members: a) the department chairs from each basic science department of the College of Medicine and from those clinical departments that have significant research activities; and b) at least five senior faculty members apportioned to represent the research facilities of the college. A chair shall be elected from the voting membership and this position shall alternate between members from Temple and Bryan-College Station. Research heads at partner institutions of the college and the College of Medicine associate dean for research and graduate studies shall be ex officio, non-voting members. Staff support shall be provided by the Office of the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies and the executive associate dean for the Temple campus.
  • Terms of Office

    Members may serve for multiple terms. The chair will serve for a two-year term.
  • Meetings

    The Committee shall meet at least monthly with the schedule being posted at the beginning of the academic year. Supplemental meetings may be called by the chair at the request of the dean to focus upon specific matters requiring urgency.
  • Functions

    The Facilities Planning Committee shall review recommendations relating to research space allocation, core research facility development, space and facility maintenance and resource planning, and shall maximize and support the operation of the College of Medicine research enterprise. It shall:

    1) Review the dean’s annual plan for the College Research Enterprise

    2) Evaluate the research space allocation policy, render reports to the dean on the effectiveness of this policy, and suggest changes to improve the policy

    3) Review and advise the dean on matters of space allocation

    4) Review and advise the dean on the maintenance of core research resources

    5) Serve as a forum for the arbitration of faculty disputes relating to research space allocation and utilization

    6) Serve as a forum for planning how new research space will be utilized as the inventory grows on each College of Medicine campus

    7) Serve as an intermediary for the College of Medicine with the Health Science Center on issues of space and facilities planning and management; and

    8) Serve as an intermediary with regard to space for the College of Medicine faculty on matters of research compliance.

    The chair of the committee may appoint subcommittees for review of specific material. These subcommittees shall report to the committee. Deliberations of the committee shall be initiated in response to requests by members and committees of the faculty of the college. All voting shall be by open ballot and a simple majority of members present will be required for an affirmative or negative recommendation. Minutes of the meetings will summarize the deliberations and be forwarded to the dean.

    Third Monday of the month

    Time: Noon-1 p.m.

    Locations: HPEB LL39, MEC 213

  • Members
    Member Term  
    Dr. Hubert Amrein 09/14 08/17 Chair, 08/15
    Dr. Lih Kuo 09/14 08/17 Co-chair 08/15
    Dr. William Griffith     NeXT, Dept Chair
    Dr. Geoffrey Kapler     MCMD, Dept Chair
    Dr. Alistair McGregor 09/14 08/17 MPIM/CS
    Dr. Deepika Reddy 09/14 08/17 NeXT/CS
    Dr. James Samuel     MPIM, Dept Chair
    Dr. Ashok Shetty 09/14 08/17 IRM/MCMD/T
    Dr. David Zawieja     MPHY, Interim Chair
    Dr. Van Wilson     VDRGS
    Dr. Paul Hicks     Temple Campus Dean