The College of Medicine offers several types of research opportunities for medical students. There are two dual degree programs, the M.D./Ph.D. program (medical science scholar program) and the M.D. Plus program that offer formal and extensive research training leading to the Doctor of Philosophy or Master of Science degree in conjunction with the M.D. degree. For students interested in a less extensive research experience we offer a Summer Research Program.

In addition to our in-house programs, there are many external summer and "year-off" research training programs have been developed that allow a medical student to either stay at the Texas A&M University College of Medicine or move to a different location for a defined training period. Available programs vary based upon the source of funding, the location, whether or not they have didactic training components, and whether or not they require you to have identified a mentor/project before you apply. Below is a list of both summer and several "year-off" programs. They are all established, extremely well funded, and well worth consideration by any medical student who is interested in basic science, clinical, or translational research training.