The Resource Team is an educational and professional development service for all non-faculty employees of the college. This team is for, and led by, staff members to create a culture of wellness, innovation and communication. The Resource Team is dedicated to advancing the whole team member through education, connectivity and activities expressly tailored for staff members.

Any non-faculty employee of the college is automatically a member of the Resource Team, and while participation is not mandatory, it is highly encouraged. The Resource Team is composed of four committees, whose members organize available resources and outreach programs. Join us for an upcoming presentation or join one of our ongoing programs such as professional development opportunities and mentoring programs.

Lunch & Learn Series

Based on a variety of topics selected by the committees, these luncheons are educational opportunities to grow as an individual and a team member of the College of Medicine. These cover everything from wellness topics to professional development, and beyond. Updated calendar for 2016-2017 coming soon.

Annual Retreat

All non-faculty staff members are invited to join us for the Annual Team Building Retreat to build team-building skills and celebrate the accomplishments of College of Medicine staff.


Meetings are slated to occur monthly with programming efforts to include: mentoring; resource and information sharing; professional development; collective troubleshooting; affiliation; talent teaming and pooling; and introduction to new technologies or applications.

Feedback or Suggestions?

Have an idea for future resource team meetings? Make suggestions or just let us know how we are doing.


Are you interested in joining a Resource Team Committee? Do you have questions?
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The Resource Team Mentoring and Professional Development materials were developed by The Texas A&M College of Medicine. These materials may be used by other institutions of higher education with permission and acknowledgement of The Texas A&M College of Medicine.