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Admissions for M.D. Degree Program

The Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine currently enrolls 200 students per year.  Students are appropriately distributed among six program options and three campus sites:   The four-year MD program in Bryan/College Station; the four-year MD program in Temple; the 2 + 2 MD program Bryan-College Station/Temple; the 2 +2 MD program Bryan-College Station/Round Rock; the 2 + 2 MD program Temple/Round Rock, and the 2 + 2 MD program Bryan-College Station/Dallas.  (The 2 + 2 programs begin with the first two years of basic science training on one campus and conclude with clinical training at another.)

Admission to the HSC-College of Medicine is highly competitive, and considers for enrollment only individuals who have completed at least 90 semester credit hours (or equivalent quarter hours) of their undergraduate course work at a fully accredited college or university in the United States or Canada. The COM prefers that applicants have earned their baccalaureate degree by the time of enrollment.  By state mandate, enrollment of individuals who are residents of states other than Texas may not exceed 10%.

The COM is explicit about its commitment to excellence in improving the health and well being of the citizens of Texas and the nation through the integrated education of humane and highly skilled physicians and the development of knowledge in the biomedical and clinical sciences. It is also committed to the important role of diversity in the training of future medical professionals.

The COM believes that diversity which is not solely limited to race and ethnicity but also encompasses talents, life skills and special attributes, enhances its ability to provide care to communities across a broad range of racial and ethnic groups and is critical for the amelioration of disparities in health care. This mission is the philosophy by which the COM guides itself and the admissions process. It is the foundation on which the Admissions Committee makes important individual admissions decisions and strives to admit students whose goals and attitudes are consistent with the philosophy of the COM.

Applicants, therefore, must demonstrate strong intellectual ability to master a challenging educational experience. In addition to intellectual ability and a record of academic achievement, successful applicants must exhibit the personal attributes necessary to interact with others in an effective and compassionate manner.

Download a copy of the Information for Applicants admissions packet. (PDF)

“To hear why some of our current medical students chose Texas A&M HSC College of Medicine, we invite you to watch the following video (“Why did you choose Texas A&M”- College of Medicine Class of 2016 First Year Medical Students Documentary Directed/Shot/Edited by Jonathan Lucan, Interviewed by Abin Puravath, Sound by Harris Lin, Production Coordinators: Jeremiah McNichols and Harris Lin)”


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